Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Poster Organization

Hello everyone! The week is flying by! I went by my new classroom for a few hours yesterday and really focused on organizing. My main project was going through my posters. I left behind many posters, but I still had a few posters that were just lying on a shelf.
A few weeks ago, I posted this photo that had found on Pinterest.

I loved the idea of having them hang, but I did not have a rod in my room. So, what is a teacher to do? Improvise and make it work, of course!
I did have a extra chart stand and hangers! I went through my posters and threw away the ones that had two of or just knew I would never use. I then divided them into different subjects- Reading/Writing (2 of these), Math, Science, Social Studies, and Miscellaneous.
IMG_3332         IMG_3333IMG_3334         IMG_3335
I also moved my teacher binder items to an even larger binder. I then created a separate student data binder. So far, I have my sight word list and report card. I will use this for checklist, test scores, and group notes.
IMG_3336               IMG_3337IMG_3338                          IMG_3339
These cute dividers are from the Target Dollar Spot.
I then added some paper to my steralite containers. This idea is everywhere, so of course I had to make my version! I love how they match my binders!!
Have a great day everyone!!

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