Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sneak Peek and a New Wreath

I went to my classroom AGAIN today! I only went for about an hour. I mainly went o measure my bulletin boards, so I could buy new fabric. I have always went bright and many colors, but this upcoming year I am using black. I am going to splash it with pink and blue. I am sure many other colors will be involved, but these are the main colors. I brought Andrew and Abigail along. Andrew is starting Pre-K in the school that I teach and I happen to be moving into the room directly beside his room. Not my intentions AT ALL! I want him to be use to the school. Trust me..he is just fine!

We grabbed some Mickey D’s before.


Andrew enjoyed playing with all the “toys” that were left for me! Yes this is the SNEAK peek! I promise more tomorrow!


We headed to Wal-mart to buy the fabric (7 yards) and then back home to lay Miss Abigail down for her much needed beauty rest. Not the beauty part, but the rest. I made this wreath by watching a You Tube video. I had all of the stuff, so it will be my new wreath for my classroom! I am going to add a “B” and a butterfly! Each kindergarten class has a mascot, so I will be Mrs. Beele’s Butterflies! I need to add that burlap is stinky and messy to work with!



When Miss Priss decided to awaken, we all headed outside for some Vitamin D! Below is my Yorkie Duncan.


While the kiddos played, I tried to get rid of this ghostly pale legs!


In about a weeks time, I have 14 followers! YAY!

Have a great day everyone! I going to celebrate my 8th year anniversary with my sweet husband!

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