Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tricks of the Trade Thursday- Collecting and Returning Homework

I am Linking up with Compassionate Teacher for Tricks of the Trade Thursday. This week focuses on collecting and returning homework.

I did my share of collecting and returning homework when I taught 5th grade. I usually walked around and collected the work. I wrote down the students that did not have their homework on a behavior clipboard. It was basically a checklist where we wrote down things like no homework, not prepared, talking, disrespect, etc. The clipboard followed them when they switched classes. This was the easiest way for the homeroom teacher to keep up with everything and it was great documentation for parent meetings.

Now that I am moving down to kindergarten, I am planning a little differently. Homework will now mainly be reading and few projects now and then. To keep up with this homework, I am going to use O.W.L (Organized While Learning) Binders. I used B.E.E. (Bring Everything Everyday) with my 5th graders. The O.W.L. Binder will be simpler. I will use the pockets in the binder for keep at home and return to school. I will also include a zipper pocket for money and the child’s agenda ( my school provides this for each child).

image               image

If you are interested I have linked my covers from my TPT store (click on the picture).

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  1. Those Owl Binder covers are ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing and for linking up!

    Compassionate Teacher

  2. SO cute! I am obsessed with all things owls, so I'm going to put these on my wishlist to use next year :)

    Wow, 5th grade to Kindergarten - that's quite a jump! How do feel about that?

    Thanks for linking up!

    Joy in the Journey