Saturday, October 5, 2013

Center Saturday

We have really been enjoying our new MATH CENTERS! I am so glad I was brave enough to start. The kids LOVE them! They are constantly asking when is Math. That is a great feeling as a teacher!

I took some pictures of some of the centers we have started with for math. We are mainly working on number recognition from 0-20.

I created these number cards on Microsoft Word and hole punched on each side. The students link them in order from 1-20.


The kids loved the Geoboard center! I gave them reference cards from here.


Next, was the play dough ten frame center. The students mold the dough into the number and use balls of dough to fill in the ten frame. I cannot find where I got these from, but they can easily be created.


Lastly, we had the pattern block numbers that can be found here.


This same week we focused on the letter Pp and op words. This ended up being a really great activity!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Currently October


I am linking up with Oh’ Boy Fourth Grade for the Currently linky party!


Listening- I currently listening to Pandora and more specific the Justin Timberlake channel. Love JT!

Loving- Fall BREAK! I am lucky that my district gives us an entire week off for fall break! We do go back at the  very beginning of August, so we deserve it…right?!

Thinking- I can get so much done when I am home all day. Even with two young kids, I can still get so much done.

Wanting- Cooler weather! Here in Georgia it is still in the 80’s and I am OVER it! I am ready for sweaters and boots.

Needing- I need to fold laundry while Miss Priss is napping, but here I am.

TREAT- Enjoy this freebie from my Spider Math and Literacy Fun! unit for free! Click the picture for the freebie.


Happy Thursday!