Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Target Dollar Spot Haul

Dollar Spot Haul
Hello everyone!! Today I am sharing a Target Dollar Spot Haul!! The Dollar Spot is one of favorite shopping spots for fun and pocket friendly things.  I am not lucky like most and have a Target nearby.  I have to drive 25 minutes.  When I get near one, I just have to stop.
The Target I went to had only started to put out school/teacher related items.  However, I some how still managed to buy several things.  LOL!
Here is a look at the goodies I found!


My favorite find were these metal pails with a chalk board label!!  I am pretty sure I am going to use this for my new pencil/unsharpened pencils.  They also had some that had stars instead of the rectangle.  I also picked up one pack of the word strips.  I use these for centers all the time!


I then found these list pads and sticky notes.  I thought they had the cutest design and who doesn’t need more sticky notes!?

Next they had a bin of stickers!  I got 2 of the reward stickers (I always want to celebrate good behavior) and birthday badges.  Do you see the washi tape?!  They only had these two designs,  but they are so cute!!
Lastly, I SCORED these two (pink with crayons is in above picture) paper bins.  They are made of think cardboard that will be great for sorting the endless amount of papers I have at any given time. 
I hope to go back closer to school and hopefully get some new things! So has anyone else started buying things for your classroom?  I have already started by annual summer storage in my dining room.  Smile
BTW I just noticed the small Post-it sticky notes.  They were not in the dollar spot section. Sad smile Sorry!


  1. You got some AWESOME stuff. I was by Target today with my other half, but of course he DIDN'T want to go in. He did spend an hour in Michael's with me though so I guess I don't really have room to complain. I need to hit up the Dollar Spot soon!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I just posted a huge haul! Check it out! rockmountainkinders.blogspot.com