Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to Make Planner Stickers! FREEBIE!


Hello everyone!! The 2nd Plan With Me Sunday is coming up on July 5th!  Meghan and I  have some very exciting things planned!  I hope you will come back on Sunday to check out how we are planning for the upcoming week and link up your own planning ideas.

Meghan and I met up this week to create some goodies for our planners!  We made our very first stickers!! I was a little intimated at first, but it wasn’t that bad once I got started.  Let’s just say, I may officially be addicted to creating them!  My stickers are on the left and Meghan’s are on the right.  Of course we would not make them without giving them to you for FREE!!! Click the image below for the my FREEBIE and here for Meghan’s!
unnamed (2)

We also made a VIDEO!  I am just a tad but nervous, but we made it through!  The video will go more into the specifics of how we made the stickers, use them, print, and cut!  Don’t judge and yes we are southern girls with accents to match!

unnamed (1)

We are also going to have a GIVEAWAY this Sunday!  We will pick 2 winners to win a $50 Michael’s gift cards and a planner from The 3 AM Teacher Designs and Mandy’s Tips for Teachers!

If you want to check out our first Plan With Me Sunday post click here!

Monday, June 29, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Week 3 Make Your Masterpiece


Hello everyone!  I am back from a week at the beach and I am finally feeling settled back at home.  The saying of needing a vacation from your vacation is so true! Right!?



This week is Make Your Masterpiece!! I always spend my summer working on NEW TPT products. I recently finished up my Yearlong Classroom Newsletters and they are EDITABLE!  I included August-May, two pages of editable boxes, and are CUTE! You can check them out {here}!




Below is the August template


I think it is very important to keep parents informed of what is going on in the classroom.  I send home monthly newsletters that includes, dates, what we are learning, resources to use at home, homework , etc.  I think these will be so much better than the boring template I used last year!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Plan With Me Sundays


Welcome to the very first Plan with Me Sunday!! This was a little idea that I had and Meghan at Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris is joining me on this journey!  I can’t thank her enough for her tech knowledge and helping me take my idea to reality.  When you find someone who loves planning as much as you do, you just have to stick together!

Since this is the first post, I want to do a little background on my planning journey.  I have always been an organized person.  I make list, have always kept a calendar, and love to check things off!  About three years ago, I finally bought my very first Erin Condren planner.  It was LOVE at first sight!  Then a few years later I discovered endless YouTube videos of people taking the planner and making it PRETTY and FUNCTIONAL!   Sign me up!  It has taken me awhile to perfect my planner and it was not pretty at first.  However, I have figured out what works for me and I can’t wait to share. 

I want to preface by saying that the week I am planning for is during our family vacation.  I normally add meal plans, cleaning schedule, blog posts, and teacher stuff.  I will be sharing ALL of that on the next Plan with me Sunday! July 19th!

The first thing I always do is decide on a color scheme.  I usually go with a holiday, season, or special event color.  This week I am using blues to obviously go with my beach trip!  I lay out all of the tools I will need. 

My two essentials to planning are white out and roll on adhesive!


I always start off by covering the words on the bottom with white out.  This way they will not be visible through the washi.

I add washi along the bottom, before the weekend, and at the beginning of the week.  See that cute little fox?  He was a new stamp that I purchased! Love him!  I also used the flag heart stamp to separate the weekend.


I used this scalloped punch and some scrapbook paper to cover up the to-do list.
Then I just have fun! I added the floral washi to indicate that we will be on vacation ALL week! YAY! So excited for a relaxing week!  I used a 2 1/2 inch circular punch to add a space for beach memories.  I plan on writing in things I don’t want to forget!


My absolute favorite thing is adding note cards/sticky notes to the ruler.  I used washi to adhere them to the ruler and they can easily be taken off for the next week.  I write down shopping list and ideas during the week that I don’t want to crowd my planner. 

Back of the ruler.

My end product!!
I hope you enjoyed a little look into how I stay organized with my planner! If you are interested in the AMAZING Erin Condren Planner you can click here! Please check out the wonderful ladies that joined us! I can’t wait to get new ideas!

Make sure to spread the love on social media with the #planwithmesundays

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sticker Organization



I am sharing an easy and cheap way to store stickers!  I use stickers every week in my planner.  I use to just stack them up and stick them in a drawer.  They were in no order and always hard to sort through.  I finally discovered an easy way to keep them organized from my very own Dollar Tree!


I bought a $1 photo album!



I cut the sticker pages apart and put them in by type or category.  So easy and now they are all organized!






I also pulled out the stickers that come with the Erin Condren planner, cut them out and then in half, and place them in one of the pockets. Now I don’t have to flip back and forth while planning.









I even pulled out the picture of the album and made my own.  Of course I used washi and stamps! Smile 




Do you have a cool way that you store your stickers?  I would love to hear all about them!


Don’t forget tomorrow with the very first Plan with Me Sunday!! I will be joining up with Meghan for Keeping Up With Mrs. Harris to show you how we use our planners, decorate, and stay organized!  I hope you check it out! #planwithmesunday


Friday, June 19, 2015

Five for Friday!

Another week of summer vacation is over…so sad!  I have gotten so much done with TPT products! Keep reading to see what else I have been up to!

Divider 1

This week was the week for haircuts!  I love getting my hair cut and color of course.  It was much needed! I posted this on Instagram earlier in the week.  You can follow me here!
Andrew and Abigail also got haircuts.  I somehow never got a picture of Andrew and a not so good one of Abigail. However, it is still adorable!  She has a mind of her own!
Divider 2
I also made a Dollar Tree stop and found  a few cute things for the upcoming year.  I am not sure what I going to do with the white bins, but I know I can find a use for them. I also found WASHI!  I sort of have an obsession with washi tape.  I just can’t get enough!
Any suggestions on the spinner and doggie cutouts??


Divider 3

Meghan from Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris and I have been getting ready for our very first Plan with Me Sundays!  I have the next week all planned out and I can’t wait for June 21st to share with everyone! We have some awesome ladies joining us and they will be showing you how they plan for the week. 
Divider 4

I have been loving the TPT Seller Challenge!! This week was all about Makeover Madness!  I have made over 4 products now! Above is one of my BEST sellers.  It is a great companion to use after or during your calendar time. Check it out here if you are interested!
Divider 5
This picture cracks me up!  These two are SUPER excited about our upcoming beach trip!  This little pool is getting them by for now.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Father’s Day

Are you ready for father’s day?  I just finished up my shopping yesterday!  We leave for the beach on Father’s Day, so I am trying to get it ready to give on Saturday.  It also really made me want to make a father’s day TPT product…of course!


This small pack includes a book, writing page, acrostic poem, and interview.  I wanted to give a BIG thank you to all of my new followers on here, TPT, Instagram, and Facebook and give the interview for FREE! Click the picture below!

I am also joining up with Chalk One Up for the Teacher for her 2 for Tuesday linky party!  My Father’s Day and Mother’s Day products are on sale today!!

2 for tues
What are your plans for Father’s day?

Monday, June 15, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge- Makeover Madness

I am super excited about the TPT Seller Challenge going on over at Peppy Zesty Teacherisita (LOVE that name!). I am fairly new in the TPT and teacher blog world and I am always looking for ways to make improvements.  Summer is the perfect time for me to spruce up some of my very first TPT products.


One of my very first TPT product was “The Kissing Hand- First Week of School Activities.”  I was REALLY into using polka dots in the beginning and the font is not the best.

kissing hand before

I kept the background more simple and font more vibrant!  I also made Chester bigger!  Little changes can really impact the sell of a product- first impressions are everything!

In the product there is a craft to make Chester.  I recently added REAL picture of how to make him.  I think this is crucial when creating a craftivity.


Check out The Kissing Hand at my TPT Store!The Kissing Hand at my TPT Store!  I has some really fun activities to use with the book!