Friday, June 19, 2015

Five for Friday!

Another week of summer vacation is over…so sad!  I have gotten so much done with TPT products! Keep reading to see what else I have been up to!

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This week was the week for haircuts!  I love getting my hair cut and color of course.  It was much needed! I posted this on Instagram earlier in the week.  You can follow me here!
Andrew and Abigail also got haircuts.  I somehow never got a picture of Andrew and a not so good one of Abigail. However, it is still adorable!  She has a mind of her own!
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I also made a Dollar Tree stop and found  a few cute things for the upcoming year.  I am not sure what I going to do with the white bins, but I know I can find a use for them. I also found WASHI!  I sort of have an obsession with washi tape.  I just can’t get enough!
Any suggestions on the spinner and doggie cutouts??


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Meghan from Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris and I have been getting ready for our very first Plan with Me Sundays!  I have the next week all planned out and I can’t wait for June 21st to share with everyone! We have some awesome ladies joining us and they will be showing you how they plan for the week. 
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I have been loving the TPT Seller Challenge!! This week was all about Makeover Madness!  I have made over 4 products now! Above is one of my BEST sellers.  It is a great companion to use after or during your calendar time. Check it out here if you are interested!
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This picture cracks me up!  These two are SUPER excited about our upcoming beach trip!  This little pool is getting them by for now.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


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  2. Where do you get your tanning stuff?! Kristen Moore to Learn

    1. It is Loving Tan and you can order from their website! I use the medium mousse.

  3. Your haircut looks adorable!
    I grabbed some of those same bins at Dollar Tree (in red) about a month ago. I've been looking for more and every Dollar Tree in my area with no luck. :( Love that store and their bins, though!

    Enjoy the beach when you go!
    Sprinkles for the Teacher

    1. Yes! Dollar Tree is the place to go for bins! I hope you find more soon!

  4. Love the new cover you created! I am participating in the TPT challenge as well.

  5. Hi Robyn, love the haircut, super cute! I also love those bins you found from Dollar Tree. I am going to have to go check out my Dollar Tree. We have tables in the classroom and the bins I used for their pencil pouches were too small, those might be the perfect size. Great job with your new covers, love the makeover. Have a great weekend! :)

    1. Thanks! Those bins would be perfect for that. Great idea! I hope you can find them.