Sunday, June 21, 2015

Plan With Me Sundays


Welcome to the very first Plan with Me Sunday!! This was a little idea that I had and Meghan at Keeping Up with Mrs. Harris is joining me on this journey!  I can’t thank her enough for her tech knowledge and helping me take my idea to reality.  When you find someone who loves planning as much as you do, you just have to stick together!

Since this is the first post, I want to do a little background on my planning journey.  I have always been an organized person.  I make list, have always kept a calendar, and love to check things off!  About three years ago, I finally bought my very first Erin Condren planner.  It was LOVE at first sight!  Then a few years later I discovered endless YouTube videos of people taking the planner and making it PRETTY and FUNCTIONAL!   Sign me up!  It has taken me awhile to perfect my planner and it was not pretty at first.  However, I have figured out what works for me and I can’t wait to share. 

I want to preface by saying that the week I am planning for is during our family vacation.  I normally add meal plans, cleaning schedule, blog posts, and teacher stuff.  I will be sharing ALL of that on the next Plan with me Sunday! July 19th!

The first thing I always do is decide on a color scheme.  I usually go with a holiday, season, or special event color.  This week I am using blues to obviously go with my beach trip!  I lay out all of the tools I will need. 

My two essentials to planning are white out and roll on adhesive!


I always start off by covering the words on the bottom with white out.  This way they will not be visible through the washi.

I add washi along the bottom, before the weekend, and at the beginning of the week.  See that cute little fox?  He was a new stamp that I purchased! Love him!  I also used the flag heart stamp to separate the weekend.


I used this scalloped punch and some scrapbook paper to cover up the to-do list.
Then I just have fun! I added the floral washi to indicate that we will be on vacation ALL week! YAY! So excited for a relaxing week!  I used a 2 1/2 inch circular punch to add a space for beach memories.  I plan on writing in things I don’t want to forget!


My absolute favorite thing is adding note cards/sticky notes to the ruler.  I used washi to adhere them to the ruler and they can easily be taken off for the next week.  I write down shopping list and ideas during the week that I don’t want to crowd my planner. 

Back of the ruler.

My end product!!
I hope you enjoyed a little look into how I stay organized with my planner! If you are interested in the AMAZING Erin Condren Planner you can click here! Please check out the wonderful ladies that joined us! I can’t wait to get new ideas!

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  1. Love it Robyn! Thanks for letting me join forces with you!

  2. A wonderful idea - motivating and your photos are great. I love my EC Life Planner too.
    Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

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  4. Too cute! That fox is darling and your layout looks great and functional! I have so much washi that I don't even use. I bought it for my planner orginally, but I'm so OCD that when I couldn't get it exactly straight...I took it out. I'm sure I'll figure out a use for it!

    Simply Secondary

  5. I love the cute little fox! Also love the idea about adhering the notes to the ruler! Definitely adding that to mine!

  6. I absolutely love that you add index cards to the ruler! What a great idea!!!

  7. LOVE the note cards on the ruler!!! Going to have to do that for next week! Do the sharpie fine tip bleed through the pages? I need new pens and looking at what others use. :)


    1. Thanks! Yes they do blend through! Let me know if find one that doesn't. I try to write on washi or stickers.

  8. I am also a ECLP user whose planner has gone through a lot of transformations! I don't use stamps often (I have once or twice) but I am a sticker junkie, and I use washi tape a fair amount. I also cover up the words on the bottom, but I never thought about using white out first! Great idea!
    Thanks for a great linky - Michelle

  9. I found out about this linky a little late and just threw something together because I wanted to share about my hybrid lesson plans/bullet journaling so it wasn't the prettiest post. Oh well! This post is really getting me into the creative planning mood! Thanks for sharing!

    First Grade Frame of Mind

    1. Thanks so much! I am glad you are going to share! Join us next time on July 5th!