Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tech Thursday

I hope everyone is having a great week!! I have to say, my first week of summer break has been fabulous!!  Today I am joining Teaching Trio with Tech Thursday!





Symbaloo is a web mix website that allows you to save tons of websites to one place.  You can create your own of search for saved web mixes from other people.


Here is an example of an awesome web mix from Tales from a K-1 Classroom.


Screenshot (1)


Once you make or save already created web mixes, you can have them set as the homepage on your student computers.  You will no longer have to search for quality games for hours (been there!).


My students and I cannot get enough of GoNoodle!!  We have long blocks of instruction in the mornings and I always use GoNoodle to help with transitions.  My kids LOVE it!!!


Favorites are below!



I can’t to read about other awesome tech ideas for the classroom!!