Monday, June 29, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge: Week 3 Make Your Masterpiece


Hello everyone!  I am back from a week at the beach and I am finally feeling settled back at home.  The saying of needing a vacation from your vacation is so true! Right!?



This week is Make Your Masterpiece!! I always spend my summer working on NEW TPT products. I recently finished up my Yearlong Classroom Newsletters and they are EDITABLE!  I included August-May, two pages of editable boxes, and are CUTE! You can check them out {here}!




Below is the August template


I think it is very important to keep parents informed of what is going on in the classroom.  I send home monthly newsletters that includes, dates, what we are learning, resources to use at home, homework , etc.  I think these will be so much better than the boring template I used last year!!


  1. These are really nice looking! I always spend more time designing the background of the newsletter than actually adding info! Something like this would be perfect to speed that up! Thanks for sharing. :)

    The Teaching Texan

  2. These are cute! and could be printed on the colorful printer paper I have ordered for this year! Thanks for sharing!

    Shakin' it up with Mrs. Shannon

  3. These are absolutely fabulous! So cute and such time saver!!

    Teaching Autism

  4. I really need to start a monthly newsletter! Love your templates! :)

    Miss Woodward's Class