Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Classroom Progress

So, I worked on my classroom yesterday!  It was the first time I have been back since post planning.  My goal was to get the furniture back in place.  Here is the before…not pretty!


Do you see my NEW rug?!!  My wonderful principal bought me one and it is SO cute!! I will take a picture of it unrolled when I go back. 



More mess….




Progress after a few hours.  I really felt like I got a lot done!  However, we all know, there is so much more to be done!


I changed my alphabet, class rules, and added some writing charts.  If you look in the corner you can see my rug!




I put out 20 desk, but I am not sure how many kiddos I will have yet.  I am waiting on border and new BLACK pocket charts that are coming in the mail.  I am going to do one side Math and one side Reading.  It will mainly be fore anchor charts, standards, and reference charts.






I am starting Daily 5 this year for the first time!  Any advice???  I have my Work on Writing center, Read to Self/Partner, and Word Work  ready.  I am changing the look of my birthdays, so stay tuned!





I am loving this little reading nook!! I took a plate holder that my mom gave me and added seasonal books!  The chairs are from Wal-mart and I have had them for a few years. I believe I am going to add a cute rug!




I am hoping to be able to just drop in a few hours every now and then and finish things up!  Anyone else started working on there room? 


  1. I love your classroom Robyn, I'm always searching for new ideas...I may have to look into that daily 5!!

    Oh and of course I have started on my room...I'll put pics on my blog next week!!

    Ashley @ Full Court Learning

    1. Thanks Ashley! Yes you need to put pictures! Your room is looking awesome!

  2. Using the plate holders for read aloud books is just brilliant and so cute! I can't wait to see everything when you are finished.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

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  4. So cute! I just wish they would finish cleaning my carpet, so I can get back into my room. :)

    Simply Secondary

    1. They finished my carpet really early this time! I am usually not that lucky!