Thursday, July 9, 2015

Classroom Progress

I am BACK with more classroom progress!  I went yesterday and got so much finished!  It may appear that I am almost finished, but there are so many little things I need to do!! Little things add up and take time.  

Dollar Tree

I found my whole color theme at my local Dollar Tree!  I am going all BRIGHTS!  So fun and cheerful! 


I needed some new playing cards for my classroom and found the PERFECT container for them!!  The cards (2 pack) and containers are all from the Dollar Tree!  Now I can easily stick them in a math tub!


Check out the NEW guided reading books we got!! So excited to use these!  They will be used by my whole team, so they will not stay here.


I moved my Word Wall from the above bulletin board to this closet door. I really needed the board for something else.  I hope this will work!  Again you can see my reading nook and now the blue shelf is straightened up! Those white containers are also from Dollar Tree!

Work on Writing Center


My guided reading table.  My sweet custodian hung my tissue thingies! I am going to use the four pencil holders for table points.


Word Work and Making Words Pocket Chart.


My brand new rug! So in love!!  As you can tell none of by boards are done.  I ordered some border and it just came in yesterday afternoon.



My Listen to Reading Center will be a combo of 1 Ipad and 3 computers. Those AWESOME QR code listening center is from Meghan! You can get it here!


Birthday Display

Hallway- need to add clothespins and border


I hope I get everything done next week and then I can RELAX! HA said no teacher ever!

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  1. Nice tips! Your classroom is so nicely organized. Say, do tell where you got your cute rug and magazine holder from. :)