Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Week in Pictures- Week of August 24th

Wow three weeks down!  Crazy!  This was a SUPER busy week.  We had Curriculum Night on Tuesday, church Wednesday night, and PLC till almost 5:00 on Thursday.  Talk about exhausted!! I am hoping next week will be a lot more chilled out.


this week in pic


So on to This Week in Pictures!


I am going to do this backwards this time starting with Friday.  I eat lunch with Andrew (my son) every Friday.  This is a HUGE advantage to teaching the same grade your child is in. 



In Math we played a tally mark memory game with partners or small groups.  I am using Reagan Tunstall’s new Guided Math units {here} and I am LOVING them.  They are filled with games and high interest activities.



We also talked about the differences between fiction and nonfiction.  I used Froggy Goes to School (which I had already read) and a nonfiction Frog book.  They did so well coming up with differences.



Then they went back to their seats and wrote all about real frog facts in their journal.  We are still getting use to writing without support, so I got them started.




On Thursday, we had STEM!  We are loving STEM this year.  We made pinwheels and anemometers to go along with our study of weather.




In Math we went around the room and counted objects that were found in mystery bags.  We wrote the digit, number word, and tally marks.  This got out all of our wiggles and we practiced our number skills.



We also took a short field trip outside of our school to see a real anemometer! 



Wednesday during Writer’s Workshop we talked all about unfreezing our character’s and give them emotions.  I have the cutest picture ever of my class showing their emotions, but it of course shows their faces.  So that is a no go on this blog. Sad smile 


Tuesday we continued doing awesome at Making Words. This is such an awesome program!! 




On Monday we talked about Paul Bunyan in Social Studies.  I made a really cute anchor chart, but of course forgot to take a picture.  Our H.O.T. question of the week was “Would you want to hang out with the main character?  Why or Why not?”  These are their responses about Paul Bunyan.  So cute!




That is all for this week!! Have a great weekend guys!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

This Week in Pictures

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great week.  It was my second week with students and it went so well!!  I am loving my new kiddos!  I am going to start a new series called “This Week in Pictures!” I am going to share, in pictures, all the things we have been doing.

this week in pic


This week was all about getting into routines and sticking with our schedule.  We had a full week of Shared Reading, Writer’s Workshop, Making Words (LOVE this!!!), Math, Math Tubs, Science, and STEM!  It went so smoothly!

Here is a little from our Math time.  This two sweeties are playing a ten frame memory game.




This is the first year that our STEM has taught to our first graders.  We could not be more excited!!!  He is focusing on our Science standards and right now we are learning all about weather.  He showed a storm in a bottle and then they built a type of weather or weather instrument with Legos.  So much fun!



Writer’s Workshop is in full swing and going great!  We are focusing on small moments. 



I hope to remember to take more pictures this upcoming week!  I missed so much this past week.  I hope everyone has an awesome week!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

First Day Week of First Grade

Well I SURVIED the 1st week of school!  It is hard to get back in the swing of things.  However,  I sure do love all of the fun activities that we get to do during the first weeks.  We had so much fun this week!! I have 18 sweet kiddos this year!

I am going to show some highlights of the first week.  Of course this is not everything we did, but some of my favorite moments. Smile

When the kids walked in on the first morning I ha my “Hooray for 1st grade!” coloring sheets. Get it for FREE here!

This gave me time to greet students (and parents) and get things put away.

We practiced making a quiet line to go to the bathroom, lunch, etc. They were quite impressive!

We watched First Day Jitters on the SMART Board

Then we made Jitter Juice just to make sure we weren’t nervous about first grade.
I think it helped! Winking smile

We complete a graph about whether we liked the juice or not. We ALL loved it!  You can check out my Jitter Juice product here!


Later, we wrote about how to make the juice.  It was lights off and quiet writing time.  My favorite time of the day.


Then I introduced Brain Breaks from GoNoodle!! They were in LOVE and they asked to do more throughout the week.

On the second day we read The Kissing Hand and learned all about Chester.  We traced our hand (with a heart in the middle) to remember that our parents are thinking of us too!  See my whole unit here!

the afternoon was all about sharing our “All About Me” bags!  Check out my All About Me Bag  product here! I sent home bags and a note on Monday that explained for all students to place on item in the bag that would tell us something about them.  This is my bag!


Wednesday we dove into Writer’s Workshop (Lucy Caulkin) and they did so well! Here are two students sharing their writing.


In Science, we learned about what scientist do and making predictions.  I placed some mystery items (dried beans, beads, cotton balls, and straws) in a bag that was stapled shut.  They had to feel to make a prediction about what was inside.  They worked as a group to write down their predictions.


On Friday we completed a first ever Science experiment!  They were so excited!
We did the milk experiment from Kristen Smith.  She has some awesome stuff!!  I won’t give too much away, but it was pretty cool!!

On Friday we also did some fun Chicka Chicka Boom Boom activities!

When your table looks like this, at the end of the day, you know you had an awesome first week!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Meet the Teacher

Well the BIG day is almost here!!  Meet the teacher was last Thursday and got to miss some AWESOME kiddos!!

I forgot to take pictures before, but I remembered afterward!! 


I gave the kiddos glow sticks and a magnet {get it FREE}.  The magnet is for them hang their AWESOME work on the fridge.




I had stars for extra supplies that parents would be willing to donate.  Apparently no one wanted to send extra Clorox wipes.  Sad smile 




Then I had a spot for class parties, social media (Instagram and Remind 101), and a volunteer form.




The most important station was transportation!  There is also one for school supply list and we put our schedule on the back.




The first stop was signing in and picking up the all important back to school paperwork (in the folders).  You can get my Meet the Teacher Kit and Powerpoint {here} and {here}.



Friday I finished all the small details in my room and made sure Monday was ready to go!!



I will have full classroom tour coming in September so stay tuned!!






Get the FREE coloring sheet {here}!  It goes from Pre-K-3rd grade!



OKAY I think I am ready!!