Sunday, August 2, 2015

All About Bulletin Boards

Hello everyone! Today we are talking all about bulletin boards!  I am joining Schroder Shenanigans in 2nd and Lucky Little Learners!

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In my classroom I have 2 large bulletin boards…yes ONLY 2! I am so jealous of all you ladies that have classrooms full of boards!  Pinterest can really cause me to have classroom envy! 

One of my bulletin board holds everything for Math and Reading.  I use black cotton fabric and have used the same piece for 5 years! It hold up so well!  I love how it really makes everything POP!  I used Bordette border in blue.  I am leaving it pretty bare, so there is room for anchor charts!  I have my “hairy” money, ten frames, and 3-d shapes above.


I divided this board down the middle and the right side has everything for Reading.  This area is directly behind my rug and where I do all whole group lessons.


I have my language posters above for reference.


I have another board above my student coat/backpack rack.  It holds everything for Writer’s Workshop and Science/S.S.  Again, I left room for anchor charts! The Tall Tale guys are Melonheadz of course!! I just made them big on a PPT document, copies, laminated, and cut.  Poor John Henry’s label got misplaced!
All of the board titles were typed on PPT, copied onto colored paper, laminated, and I then cut around the letters.

This was taken in the process of changing things.  I no longer have the birthdays on the back of this door.  However, I did hang up a small bulletin board from Wal-Mart to use for Work on Writing table.  I plan on using it to hang an exemplar of what they are working on .


When you are limited on board space, you tend to find ANYWHERE to hang things.  I used the back of the classroom door to hang birthdays.  I will add names or pictures under the months when I get my class roll.


This is what I have so far for the hallway.  I cut large foam in half to make the different areas to hang student work.  I used party decorations and glued them to the corner.  I also have another small bulletin board that will hold my class list.  I have since added chalkboard clothespins to each piece of foam.  I will write each students name, so they have a special area to hang their work!


We start preplanning on Tuesday, so hopefully I will have everything done after that!  So much to do and so little time! Make sure to check out everyone else in the link up!

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