Monday, October 12, 2015

Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day everyone!! I know some of you were lucky enough to have the day off…well not me!  I was there teaching away! LOL!  We do have a 3 day work week and 2 days for FALL BREAK!! WOOT WOOT!!



Anyway, we still had a great time with some fun Columbus Day fun!  We made and read this book from my Christopher Columbus Little Learners TPT product. 





We then designed our own ships!  So cool!  They really got into this and wrote some awesome stories!




We made an anchor chart to remember all of the facts and watched a Brain Pop Jr. video. 




Tomorrow we are going to write a how-to writing piece about how-to sail a ship.  Should be fun and interesting!

You can get the writing template for FREE!  Just click the image below or get the full product {HERE!}