Thursday, October 8, 2015

Halloween Estimation


I am always telling my 1st grade team that I need a little fun in my lessons.  We are always trying to find a way to add engaging and FUN elements into our lessons. 


I created this fun, engaging, and easy prep lesson that is all about estimation and making reasonable predictions!





Present your students with a jar of seasonal candy.  I bet they are already engaged!!  Let them pass around the jar and make a reasonable prediction.  If this is your first estimation activity, you will have to talk about what is reasonable.   It is not reasonable to guess 2 or 200!




Students will then write their prediction on the first recording sheet and hang it beside the bubblegum machine.




Then count the candy (count by 2’s, 5’s, or 10’s).  Discuss who was the closet to the correct amount.  Students will then return to their seats to record the actual answer. 





There are so many concepts that can be covered- one-to-one correspondence, skip counting, estimation, predications, reasonable answers, place value, etc.



If you would like to snag a copy for your own class just click {HERE!}

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