Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Number of The Day

Number sense and place value concepts are the most important standards in Math.  They are the basis of everything you will teach the remainder of the year.  A good solid number sense background will inevitably lead to confident math students.

I use many different strategies to teach these standards, but one rises above all the others.  What is this you may ask?  Well none other than Number of the Day.  Many teachers/schools use this, so I thought I would share my twist.

I have one of the templates on my SMART Boards every morning for my kiddos.  They have the paper version in a page protector in their desk.  They complete it with a dry erase marker during our morning routine.  It is quick , easy, and there is no need to make copies of random sheets. 

Screenshot (64)

I use this during the first two weeks of school.  This gets them use to routine of coming in every morning and completing it independently.


We quickly move to the this template and stay till about Christmas.


This is after Christmas until it is no longer needed.  This comes sooner for some kids than others.  Some students will continue for the remainder of the year.
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