Sunday, January 10, 2016

Plan With Me Sundays

Happy New Year!  I always go into the new year wanting to be even more organized than the year before.  I feel like we all do!  I have been using a planner since high school, but I have really gotten into a groove since becoming a busy mom and teacher.  It keeps me from going insane and forgetting everything!  

I am currently using The Happy Planner and I am loving it!  I love the simple design of the pages and the cover is gorgeous! 

I tend to plan on Saturdays and my desk is my favorite spot.  Everything I need is nearby and it is the quietest place in the house.  I start by writing important dates in pencil and then get everything I will need out.  

I keep it simple with washi (to add some fun color), pen and pencil, sharpies, and stickers.  

Washi goes along the bottom just to add some fun color and life to the pages.

I love the washi to block off the weekend!

This is how the layout looks on most weeks.  I have found a place for everything that is working really well!

1. Weather- I add the high/low temperature and the forecast.  This helps so much with picking out clothes and remembering to grab a raincoat.
2. Cleaning Schedule-  I follow the Clean Mama cleaning schedule and it works so well.  This is a reminder to get it done!
3. School Reminders- I leave the middle section for all school related tasks/meetings.  I write these in pencil because they are constantly changing.
4.  Exercise- I placed some more washi to highlight my workouts for the day.  I am totally struggling with working out and fitting it into the day!! 
5. Blog Post- Dark Blue: Family Blog, Light Blue: Teaching Blog- This totally didn't happen this week, but I will just move it to the next week.  Sometimes you have to let something go! 
6. Meal Planning- My tried and true menu planning is still going strong.  This is also in pencil because things get shifted or erased from time to time.

That's it ladies!  My week in my planner!  I hope this gives you some ideas and motivation to get our life more organized.  I hope to see your planner in the link up below!! Make sure to check out Meghan and Elizabeth's blog post. I know that have some awesome ideas!

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  1. Love your system - I like having different rows for each category like that. And LOVE your happy planner!! :)

  2. Love the different areas that you focus on! Such a great idea to include the weather and cleaning schedule!